Cox Bank Publishing delivers a range of outcomes through its projects and publications:

  • Getting more people to write about sport and other forms of physical exercise and their enjoyment of it
  • Engaging more people in outdoor activity and physical exercise, improving their health and well-being
  • Bringing new writers and new sports to a wider audience through our publications
  • Developing new literacy projects and encouraging creative writing through our work in schools
  • Getting community groups engaged in health and well-being projects, combined with creative writing activities
  • Helping businesses capture and promote their contribution to the community


Social Impact

Our key social impact is to increase the numbers of people writing about being active. By writing about it, articulating to others the impact exercise has had on their lives, and ultimately encouraging increased participation in healthy exercise.  

Through the link we create between being active and writing, we bring new participants to exercise and/or sport.  We hope to increase levels of literacy and levels of physical activity, through blending the two.


Social Value

The social value we deliver derives from giving new writers, and people engaging in exercise for the first time, a creative outlet and an audience for their work.

The value we place on our contributors work is multiplied by other factors such as inter-generational activities and in schools cross-curricula activities.  

Creative writing and physical activity both contribute to a sense of well-being, self-worth and validation - be that a primary school pupil, active amateur sportsperson, novice fitness class attendee or octagenarian.  

Our project brings different generations, communities, activites and creative groups together in new ways to create greater engagement and respect for one another.