oPEn Healthy Lifestyle Poetry Competition

Summer 2017


Schools in the oPEn network were invited to enter a Poetry competition with the theme Healthy Lifestyle. Any style of poetry was encouraged, although acrostic poems prove popular with younger children as they provide some structure.

The Healthy Lifestyle theme was chosen to coincide with the Run for Fun – an event which encourages family participation and hopes to inspire families to be more active. Entries were received by Meadows Academy, St John’s CE Primary and Sandford Hill Primary and the winners and runners up have been published for you to read and enjoy.
Many thanks to Peter Hooper from Cox Bank Publishing for judging and supporting this project.


Acrostic poems from Meadows Academy Y1

Winning poem by Oliver Williams

Fitness is Healthy
I like doing fitness
Trie doing it OK
Never give up
Exersize is good for you
So stay healthy
So do fitness


Runner up Reanna Eveson

Fitness is good
It is good running in a circle
The run I did was fun
Next day I ran around the circle
Exacis every day I run
Strawberries are so sweet
Strawberries make you strong

Acrostic poems from St John’s CE Primary Y3

Winning poem by Donna and Robyn

H-Hygiene means keeling yourself clean
E-Exercise you must have everyday
A-A little bit of sugar you only need
L-Living is fun if you are healthy and run
T-The fruits we eat need to be sugar free
H-Healthy is what we need to be


Runner up by Ansh and Bethany

Fitness is good for your body
U should eat vegetables 5 times a day
Nice foods that doesn’t have sugar in it helps your body regenerate
Running is a good exercise for your body
U can have choclate as a treat
Naughty foods that have sugar in it make your body very fat

Poems from Sandford Hill Primary School Y6

Winning poem by Anace

Keep healthy and fit
Coffee, tea
Not a lot for me
Alcohol, fizzy pop
Think and stop
Keep healthy and fit
Water, milk
A good option of course
Fruit, veg
Don’t give them to a horse
Keep healthy and fit
Football, horse riding
Some amazing sports
Walking the dog
Lots of fun
Keep healthy and fit
TV, lounging
Get up and start moving
Tablet, phone
All you want to do is stay at home
Keep healthy and fit
A little, a lot
Good or bad
What I need to say is…


Runner up by Tegan Dedicoat

To stay healthy you should know
About the food types you should eat
Fruits, vegetables and dairy too
Carbohydrates, fatty foods and things like meat!

If you want to stay healthy
All these foods types should be on your plate
There are many foods from each group, however
So don’t be worried if there’s something you hate!

Now let’s move over on to sports
Which, as you may know will keep you fit
But all these games are also fun
Bats to swing and balls to hit!

There are lots of sports to try
Cricket, football and swimming too
If you want to stay healthy, fit and strong
All these sports will help you!


Runner Up by Tinashe Zinyemba

It is important keep fit and healthy
It will definitely make you wealthy
Just think,
How much you can save not buying a fizzy drink
Just eat smart
And just stay healthy

Fruit and vegetables are so essential
Fibre and vitamins give you great potential
Protein and fat, not too much though
Carbohydrates gives you energy on the go
Dairy is just in between
Gives you strong bones for when you are a teen
Just eat smart
And just stay healthy

No matter the age
We can turn over a new page
Just eat smart
And just stay healthy