Active Stories

The core activity of Cox Bank Publishing is getting people to write in their own words what they love about sport. Sporting Stories are major projects to collate these contributions and publish them to create beautiful books.

Each project covers a city, a county or an individual sport.

Our first major project was with the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Working in partnership with the team at Stoke on Trent’s European City of Sport 2016 we collected writing about sport across the city and publishing the best of it online and in a celebratory book: you can buy Sporting Stories: Stoke-on-Trent 2016 from our shop. Now we're working on the 2017 book!

See the range of contributions we've had to date here.

We want people from Stoke on Trent to write about what sport means to you, by describing a race, a match, a sporting memory.  In your own words and in your own style. If you've got a story you can submit it at the bottom of this page.

Proceeds of the sales from the Stoke-on-Trent books will go to support future sport and literacy projects in the city and to support relevant local charities. Our local charity for 2016 was Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation.


Which Activities?

Although the Stoke-on-Trent project is called Sporting Stories, we're not just interested in sport - we'd love to hear your stories about any form of physical activity, exercise or outdoor adventure as well.

All we ask is that it is your own original writing and that you are free to submit it to us.

We are particularly interested in contributions from:

  • People who have improved their health and well-being through sport or physical activity
  • Active amateur sports people
  • Amateur sports clubs
  • Older people’s sporting memories
  • Schools
  • Anyone else who enjoys sport and exercise!

We will publish the best stories on the website and the very best will be selected for inclusion in a book.  All our books are anthologies of sports-writing, aimed at a general audience.


Need some help before writing your story?

There’s plenty of help and guidance in our Help and Guidance section and we will be running workshops on writing on a regular basis through the year.  But there is no right or wrong style – we’d love to hear your ‘voice’ through your own writing style.

If you're stuck, then try reading some of the stories here - and have a look at Phil Hodgson's account of a hill race, it's a great example of a short and entertaining piece of sports writing.


Are you ready to submit your sporting story?

Fantastic!  Then submit below. Remember to read our submission criteria first.

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